photo of Dee Rashdi

Dee Rashdi
Rice Networks Group, Duncan Hall, Rm. DH3045
ECE Department, Rice University
6100 Main St., MS 380
Houston, TX 77005

Tel: 713-348-6268, Fax: 713-348-3671

Email: drashdi(at)rice(dot)edu


Rice bio.
Dee has been at Rice since May 23, 1999. As RNG coordinator, she provides administrative and financial management support for the Rice Networks Group, which is the research effort directed by Dr. Edward Knightly. The position is a component of the departmental infrastructure and supports this large and complex group exclusively.

Projects. NSF 2009 Workshop, MobiHoc 2009, MobiSys 2007, INFOCOM 2005-TPC, WIND-Sigcomm '05 Workshop, Mobicom 2002, Mobicom 2003, ECE Brice 2002, ECE Affiliates 2001, 2002, 2003, RNG Visitors, etc.

Editorial Asst. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Computer Networks Journal.

Supervised: Trey Menchaca, Blake Taylor, Peter Crews, Mike Pavlak, Jeremy Beasley, Shea Sullivan