Personal Information

Name: James E. Copeland

Title: Professor of Linguistics


Telephone Office: [voice] (713) 527-6010, 285-5150

[fax] (713) 527-4718

Home: (713) 666-9582

Formal Education.

B.A., University of Colorado, l96l (magna cum laude).

PhD, Cornell University, l965.

LSA Summer Linguistic Institute, UCLA, 1966.

LSA Summer Linguistic Institute, SUNY, Buffalo, l972.

Research Interests.

1. Research on Tarahumara and Uto-Aztecan languages. Chihuahua, Mexico.

2. Compiling Internet Online Comprehensive Bibliography of Research on Uto-Aztecan Languages. (sponsored by The Friends of Uto-Aztecan Annual Conference).

3. Research on Language and the Law: The Linguistics of Legal Language. (Involves Expert Witness Testimony)

Teaching and Professional Appointments.

Cornell University Teaching Fellow. l961-l964; and Summer l962, l963.

Instructor in Linguistics. Cornell University. 1964-1965.

Assistant Professor of German and Linguistics. University of California, Davis. l965-l966. Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics. Cornell University. Summer l967. Associate Professor of German and Linguistics. Rice University. l969-1983.

Chairman of the Interdepartmental Linguistics Program. Rice University. l969-l98l. Director of the Language Laboratory Rice University. l967-l973.

Acting Chairman of the Department of Linguistics and Semiotics. Rice University. Summer 1982, Fall l982. Summer 1983.

Visiting Fulbright Professor of Linguistics. Universität des Saarlandes, West Germany.1984.

Professor of Linguistics and German, Professor of Linguistics. Rice University 1984-present.

Visiting Research Scholar. (Department of German) University of Arizona 1986.

Acting Chairman of the Department of Linguistics/Semiotics. Rice University.1988-89.

Chair of the Department of Linguistics/Semiotics Rice University.1989-90.

Chair of the Department of Linguistics. Rice University 1990-present.

Interim Dean of Humanities. Rice University. 1995.

Friends of Uto-Aztecan (Online Bibliographer).

Society for The Study of Indigenous Languages of the Americas.

Research and Selected Publications.

Books and Edited Books:

1. A Stepmatricial Generative Phonology of German. Janua Linguarum, Series Practica, The Hague: Mouton, (l970).

2. Papers in Cognitive-Stratificational Linguistics, ed. with Philip W. Davis. 205 pp., Houston:Rice University Studies, (l980).

3. The Seventh Lacus Forum, l980. ed. with Philip W. Davis, 589 pp., Columbia, South Carolina: Hornbeam Press, (1981).

4. New Directions in Linguistics and Semiotics, Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 32. Amsterdam: John Benjamins B.V. i-xi, 269. (1984), (also published under the same title with the Rice University Press (1984)).

6. Functional Approaches to Language, Culture, and Cognition. Compiled and edited with Peter Fries and David Lockwood. Philadelphia/Amsterdam:John Benjamins B.V. (Spring 1998).

Selected Published Papers 1980-:

A Stratificational Approach to Discourse and Other Matters, (with Philip W. Davis). The Sixth Lacus Forum. ed. by W. McCormack and H. Izzo. Columbia, S.C:Hornbeam Press. VI.255-263. (1980).

Knowledge, Consciousness and Language: Some Possible Sources of Discourse Phenomena, in: Papers in Cognitive-Stratificational Linguistics, (with Philip W. Davis), Rice University Studies 66.2.101-123. (l980).

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Linguistic Creativity and the Langue/Parole Distinction. The Ninth Lacus Forum IX.159-169. (1983).

Discourse Portmanteaus and the German Satzfeld, (with Philip W. Davis), in: Essays in Honor of Charles F. Hockett, ed. by William Agard, Gerald Kelly, Adam Makkai and Valerie Makkai.(=Cornell University Studies), Leiden: Brill, N.P. 214-245. (1983).

Linguistics at Rice University: The First Two Decades. In New Directions in Linguistics and Semiotics. Amsterdam:John Benjamins (1984), and also Houston:Rice University Press (1984).

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Directions and Tendencies in Linguistics in the GDR as Reflected in the Zeitschrift für Germanistik. In: Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Symposium on the German Democratic Republic, 1983, ed. by Margy Gerber. Washington, D.C.: University Press of America. 285-299. (1984).

Cohesion and Texture: Complementarities in Systemic and Cognitive Linguistics. The Tenth Lacus Forum, ed. by Pierre Martin. X.85-96. (1984).

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