This is a program for YOU. Getting involved with ConSociates is a great way to meet interesting alumni (and teachers) outside of rigid career-oriented mentorship "interactions".

Instead, bring a few friends and kick back for drinks or dinner, with an informal group of alumni approachable through common-interest groups. Alumni Affairs has the tab!


We hope this program will be helpful to you in many ways - plan a mini-reunion, get the real scoop on campus life, and meet current students. It is designed to reconnect you with the greater Rice community and also help you make connections with new friends.

This Month! Schedule on-campus and off-campus activities! Suggestions for new outings available.




This program brought to you by:
Alumni Affairs

The Student-Alumni Liaison Committee will implement many more community driven ideas as we develop our vision for a integrated Rice network. Help us explore ways in which Present and "Future" Alumni can work towards a greater sense of community.