Project Organization

The projects in this Center loosely divide into three theme areas: nanochemistry, environmental engineering, or biomedical engineering.  This division was made primarily because the panels that review this proposal will be specialized by these areas, and will consider the project areas separately.

Nanochemistry for the Future
This group is focused on finding new ways to make and assemble nanomaterials which are high yield, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Nanoscience and the Environment
The transport of nanostructures through water, and the engineering of nanostructures for water purification are the subjects of these projects area.

Nanomaterials as Biomaterials
These projects focus both on the fundamentals of the interaction of nanostructures with biological systems, as well as the use of  nanostructures to solve specific materials problems in bioengineering.

Our Outreach
Here you can read about our ideas for industrial and educational outreach.