NSE  Excerpts

"NSECs will address opportunities that are too complex and multi-faceted for individuals or small groups of researchers to tackle on their own."
"The NSECs as a whole will span the range from exploratory research, focused on discovery, to technology innovation "
The requirements for a NSE:

  • A well-integrated, cross-disciplinary research program distinguished by intellectual excellence and driven by a clear vision, in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
  • A strong emphasis on education, incorporating extensive student participation in Center research .
  • Interdisciplinary fellowship programs for nanoscale science and engineering.
  • Effective partnerships with industry, government labs .
  • Activities to foster human resource development and enhanced participation of under-represented groups in science and engineering.

Read the entire call  at www.nsf.gov.  Search on 00-119.

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