Advocating Diversity and the Need for Cultural Exchange
2011 Application

Thank you for your interest in ADVANCE. Please submit this application no later than 5:00pm on Friday, April 8th.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the ADVANCE Student Coordinator, Tina Munjal (

Class Standing:
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation:

Will you be studying abroad next year?

If yes, when?

Why do you want to become a member of ADVANCE and what type of contributions do you think you could make to the group?
ADVANCE is what members make it. Discuss what you expect of your membership in ADVANCE. Are there ways you would like to see it impact campus? Your life? The greater Houston community? Please explain.
ADVANCE is continuously looking for new ways to promote dialogue on culture, diversity and social issues at Rice. With that in mind, please develop an original programming idea for ADVANCE that would attract campus-wide attendance.
At many Friday meetings we discuss cultural and social issues that arise from our individual backgrounds and experiences. Past discussions have focused, for instance, on racial stereotypes, gender equality, and disability awareness. Share an issues you would like to see presented at a typical Friday meeting and explain why.
Since ADVANCE truly is what members make it, it is important to note that ADVANCE will be a major time commitment. Each member is required to attend the fall and spring retreats and weekly Friday meetings. In addition, each ADVANCE member is part of a committee that meets bi-weekly, and you are expected to attend all ADVANCE events. In light of this, list your work and activity load for next year in detail, including the number of hours per week each will require. Please be honest with yourself and us.

Each member of ADVANCE is assigned to one of two committees. "Discussions" plans and facilitates all the Friday meetings in the fall and implements Culture Fair in the spring. "Events" plans and facilitates all the Friday meeting in the spring and implements Culture Quest in the fall.

ADVANCE provides a truly diverse group of Rice students with an opportunity to master the necessary skills for leadership and career success, while actively working, through programming, to create a campus environment that embraces individual differences and emphasizes the unity of humankind.