Curriculum Vitae




6100 Main Street, MS-25 Houston, TX 77005



EDUCATION                                                        Rice University

                                                                                Houston, TX

PhD., Industrial/Organizational Psychology (expected 2009)


                                                                                Wake Forest University

                                                                                Winston-Salem, NC

                                                                                M.A., Experimental Psychology (2005)

Thesis Title: Examining the Effects of Ego-Depletion on Temporal Discounting


Southwestern University

Georgetown, TX

B.A., Psychology, 2000

B.A., Religion, with Honors, 2000




2008                        Outstanding Reviewer Award - Academy of Management

2005-present         Rice Graduate Student Fellowship

2005                        Selected to attend the Innovate Conference in Kyoto, Japan and Shanghai, PRC

2004                        Wake Forest University Summer Research Fellowship

2003-2005               Wake Forest University Graduate Assistantship

2000                        PSI CHI / ALLYN & BACON PSYCHOLOGY AWARD.  Awarded for paper (3rd       place),  Examining Perceivers’ Reaction to Behavioral and Self-Reported Self-Handicapping.”  American  Psychological Association (APA) convention, Washington, D.C. (August, 2000).  Published in Journal of Social Behavior and Personality (Vol. 14, No. 3, 1999).

2000                        NORMAN W. SPELLMAN AWARD.  Outstanding Southwestern University student in religion




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Gardner (Eds.), Handbook of Motivation Science. New York: Guilford.


Cox, C., & Giuliano, T. (1999).  Constructing obstacles versus making excuses: Examining perceiver’s reactions to behavioral and self-reported self-handicapping.  Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 14, 419-432.




Cox, C., & Beier, M. E. (2008).  The effects of the framing of courses on interest: Age, self-efficacy

efficacy, and goal orientation as moderators. 


Beier, M. E., Beal, D. J., Hardigree, A. E., & Cox, C. B. (2008).  A meta-analysis of age and job

performance: A consideration of job complexity in the context of changing abilities.




Cox, C. B. (2008, August). Knowledge Sharing.  Chaired paper session at the Academy of Management,

Anaheim, CA.


Cox, C. B. & Beier, M. (2008, August).  Framing training to increase interest: Effects of efficacy and goal

orientation. Paper to be presented at the Academy of Management, Anaheim, CA.


Cox, C., Kell, H., & Beier, M. (2008, May).  Predicting Success in Teaching Math: The Role of

Knowledge, Beliefs and Classroom Environment.  Poster session presented at the American Psychological Society, Chicago, IL.


Cox, C. & Beier, M. (2008, February).  Why do they do it?  Perceived rewards of training predict interest

in training and development.  Poster session presented at the 16th Annual Midwinter Conference for the Society of Consulting Psychology, Austin, TX.


Cox, C. (2007, April). The potential cost of reappraisal: Neuroticism moderates the relationship between reappraisal and cognitive performance.  Poster session presented at the Annual Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology Conference, New York, New York.


Cox, C. (2007, February). Essential leadership in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.  Paper presented at Education Research Conference, Lamar, Texas.


Cox, C. (2006, May). Are men really more impulsive?  Exploring gender differences in discounting rates.  Poster presented at the American Psychological Society, New York, New York.


Cox, C. (2005, February). Discounting rates as a function of the Behavioral Inhibition System.  Poster presented at the North Carolina Cognition Conference, Greensboro, NC.


Cox, C. B., Patrick, E. C., Barrera, P. V., & Giuliano, T. A. (1999, April).  Nothing ventured, nothing lost: 

Perceptions of behavioral vs. self-reported self-handicapping. Poster presented at the 45th annual meeting of the Southwestern Psychological Association, Albuquerque.






Instructor                                             Introduction to Psychology                               Summer 2007, Fall 2008       

Rice University                                     Industrial/Organizational Psychology              Summer 2008                                                                                         Introduction to Social Psychology                   Summer 2008                                                        



Introduction to Statistics                                                                                                   Spring 2008
Held weekly lab sessions, graded twice-weekly homework projects and exams, provided assistance to the students utilizing SPSS, assisted with homework as needed.


Research Methods                                                                                                              Spring 2007
Developed a lecture for class, held weekly labs for students to ask questions, attended all lectures, graded homework assignments and exams, delivered grades to students.


Introduction to I/O Psychology                                                                                         Spring 2006

Developed a lecture for class, assisted with grading student assignments and tests, delivered grades to students, held office hours outside of class, assisted with in-class assignments, held a showing for the movie “Office Space” outside of class.


Research Methods                                                                                                              Fall 2004, Spring 2005

Held bi-weekly mandatory lab meetings with students, led discussions around statistical concepts and applications, designed teaching material for lab, graded homework assignments and exams, assisted with in-class discussions and assignments, tutored students during office hours outside of lab.


Animal Behavior                                                                                                 Spring 2004

Graded student presentations, recorded attendance in class, assisted with transportation on various field trips around Winston-Salem, attended each class. 


Emotions                                                                                                                               Fall 2003

Developed two guest lectures and led class discussions, designed and graded quizzes, homework assignments, and exams, conducted item analysis on each exam item, assisted students with questions and assignments, held weekly office hours.




English Instructor                                              Taught students of all ages spoken and written English. 

English Friends                                                    Worked with staff to design lesson plans.  Organized outdoor

Seoul, Korea                                                         activities and interactive learning experiences for students.

December 2002-May 2003                                   Delivered lectures on American customs and culture.


English Instructor                                              Taught students of all ages spoken English.  Worked with staff

North China Mining College                              to design lesson plans.  Organized activities and learning

Beijing East, People’s Republic of China         experiences.  Delivered lectures on   American customs and

July 2001 – January 2002                                    culture.  Taught elementary school on weekends. Designed and administered final exams for students.




PSYCHIATRIC CARE AIDE                             Counseled juvenile offenders in a therapeutic community

University of Colorado                                       setting.  Case managed clients individually.  Administered Health Science Center                                                 medication.  Lead group counseling sessions and discussions. 

Denver, Colorado                                                 Coordinated with probation officers and case workers.

October, 2000 – May, 2001                                 Resolved conflicts between clients and assisted field trips into the community.




Academy of Management                            New Doctoral Student Consortium Finance Committee (2008)

American Psychological Society                                      

Houston Area Industrial/Organizational Psychology  

Society of Consulting Psychology                                  

Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology