Tentative Course Calendar for
CBEN High School Summer Academy  2007

Dell Butcher Hall 200 (Entrance 13, Rice Boulevard) for the Laboratory and 214 for the computer workrooms (entrance 13)

Start 9.00 am - Finish 3.00 pm (Workrooms open at 8.00 am and until 5.00 pm)


July 16


July 17


July 18


July 19


July 20

9.00a.m in DBH 214 Nanotalk

Safety Rules/Lab Courtesy/Cool Burning

 Scientific Notebook

Discuss project.

9.00 am Bus leaves outside Dell Butcher Hall. Taking water samples all day from bayous and sea.

Sampling Techniques

Insect repellant, sunscreen, and water provided - bring a packed lunch

9.00 am Start analyzing the samples.

Dissolved oxygen by titrations and oxygen probe. Biological Oxygen Demand.

Leave samples in the sun for 5 days with/without Titanium dioxide/Fenton's reagent.

9.00 am  pH experiments today. Starting with taking the pH of everyday things we use and drink.

Then the pH analyses of water samples.

The importance of temperature

9.00 am Chloride analysis by titration and probes.




Solar Cells

1.0     pm

Introduce Jonathan and  Amanda, PhD students

Check into labs and drawer equipment.

Part I of Nanorust Lab


Return to laboratory and refrigerate water samples.


1.00 pm Short tour of the HiPco Lab by Richard Booker, PhD candidate in Prof Smalley (Tour/Pasquali)


1.00 p.m Dr Junghae Suh will talk about her research in the Bioengineering Department on nanoviruses.

2.00 p.m Following a pH titration - the importance of a buffer.

Web research

1.0 p.m GC/MS with Dr. Sandy Yates, Research Scientist, GC/MS Mgr.

2.00 p.m NMR with Dr Alemany, Sr. Research Scientist/NMR Mgr; Lecturer


July 23


July 24


July 25


July 26


July 27


Finish dissolved oxygen analyses of samples with Titanium dioxide/Fenton's reagent,

Looking at the reactions of metals.

Calcium (water hardness), ammonia and nitrate analyses.


Field trip to the Health Museum




Forensic Science Lab.


Former student


1 pm  Dr Angelo

Benedetto, Research Scientist, Smalley Inst Nanoscale Sci & Tec,  will talk to us about the use of AFM and SEM (Atomic Force Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy in Nanotechnology)


1.00 pm David Abmayr, PhD candidate in Prof Engel's group, will show us the use of Gas Liquid Chromatography in the analysis of pesticides and PCBs in water samples.


1.00 pm Heather Shipley, Ph.D candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering, will show us Heavy metal analysis using an ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma linked to a Mass Spectrometer)

Tieing all the analyses together

Field trip to IMAX and tour the Museum of Natural Science

Chemistry Magic Show and thinking about the Science behind them.

Liquid Nitrogen

Ice Cream Social




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