Our Mission

The College Assistance Peer Program was designed to provide all Rice students with an available, knowledgeable, and welcoming support group of peers. CAPP members are hand-selected from the student body for their interest in peer health and are trained twice a year to handle a plethora of complicated issues, including depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, relationships, and roommate issues. Each college has several CAPP members that are available to talk anytime, day or night, to help students understand their situations better and find effective solutions. Most importantly, CAPP members all maintain a strict level of confidentiality and a high level of integrity so conversations remain between the student and the CAPP member. By allowing students to talk about issues, CAPP gives students an outlet that brings about new perspectives and often solves the problem all together. And most importantly, meeting with CAPP members is a great, healthy way to solve problems without involving university officials.

In addition to its role as a peer health network, CAPP also provides information in the form of several large-scale health awareness events addressing prevalent health related issues in an educational, objective, and most importantly fun manor. All CAPP events center around addressing issues concerning the five core aspects of student health: Depression and Grief. Stress and Anxiety, Sexuality and Relationships, Alcohol and Drugs, and Body Image. It is important to note, however, as mentioned before, that CAPP is an objective, educational organization. CAPP events are in no way meant to lecture students on how to live their life – rather, through education, CAPP hopes to provide students with information to understand the choices they are making.

The goal of CAPP is to positively impact student’s lives through education and peer support.