The State Legislative Study is being conducted so that academic researchers may better understand the role of money in state legislative elections.


  Candidates who ran for state legislative office in 2001 were randomly selected to be interviewed by phone about their campaign experiences.  Candidate names and phone numbers were collected from publicly available sources.


  Participation in this study is voluntary and all responses will be kept completely confidential. 


  This information is NOT being collected for distribution to any media source.  Results might be presented at academic conferences or published in academic journals.  Neither the candidates' names nor districts will be cited in any presentation or publication that results from this analysis.


  Funding for this research comes from the School of Social Sciences at Rice University


  The study is being conducted by the University of Houston's Center for Public Policy and the Behavioral Research Lab (BRL) at Rice University.


  Click here to to view a copy of the questionnaire.


  Please address questions and comments, as well as requests for copies of the results from this study to:


Dr. Keith Hamm, Professor

Department of Political Science - MS24

Rice University

P.O. Box 1892

Houston, TX  77251-1892

Telephone Number: 713-348-3896

Fax Number: 713-348-5273



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