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Cast Photo A cast photo. (Source: Baker College Archives)
Cast And Crew Cast and crew. (Source: Baker College Archives)
Archidamus and Camillo I.i: A slightly tipsy Archidamus (Vijay Iyer) effuses to Camillo (Colby McLaurin). (Source: Baker College Archives)
Tease Mamillius II.i: The ladies-in-waiting (Betsy Adams and Amber Naresh) tease Prince Mamillius (Kevin Krause) as Queen Hermione (Amy Hassan) looks on. (Source: Baker College Archives)
I'll tell it softly II.i: "I will tell it softly; yond crickets shall not hear it." Mamillius (Kevin Krause) shares a moment with his mother Hermione (Amy Hassan) as her ladies-in-waiting (Betsy Adams, Amber Naresh, Sasha Vaikhman) express amusement. (Source: Baker College Archives)
Antigonus' Stand II.i: Antigonus (Amit Gulati) stands up to King Leontes (Peter Rogers) in defense of the innocent queen. (Source: Baker College Archives)
He Must Be Told On It II.ii: "He must be told on't!" Paulina (Natalie Kirilcuk) speaks to Emilia (Betsy Adams) in prison while the Jailer (Zane Rockenbaugh) monitors their conversation. (Source: Baker College Archives)
Nor night, nor day, no rest II.iii: "Nor night nor day no rest." Leontes (Peter Rogers) broods late into the night over his wife's supposed infidelity. (Source: Baker College Archives)
What Needs These Hands? II.iii: "What needs these hands?" Paulina (Natalie Kirilcuk) shucks off the Lord (Nick Collins) and Antigonus (Amit Gulati) to confront Leontes (Peter Rogers) about the new-born daughter she has brought to his throne-room. (Source: Baker College Archives)
Swearing on the Sword III.ii: Cleomenes (Mike Simon) and Dion (Steven DeGennaro) swear on the Sword of Justice to the Officer (Nick Collins) and Leontes (Peter Rogers) that they have faithfully discharged their mission to Delphos. (Source: Baker College Archives)
A Thousand Knees III.ii: Paulina (Natalie Kirilcuk) confronts Leontes (Peter Rogers) with his guilt: "A thousand knees / Ten thousand years together, naked, fasting, / Upon a barren mountain and still winter / In storm perpetual, could not move the gods / To look that way thou wert." (Source: Baker College Archives)
Exit Pursued By... III.iii: Antigonus (Amit Gulati) lays down infant Perdita even as the Bear (Dr. Arthur Few) approaches. He looked a bit more forbidding in the dimmer light of the play as opposed to the photo shoot.... (Source: Baker College Archives)
I Might Be Some Allay IV.ii: "To whose feeling sorrows I might be some allay." After sixteen years, Camillo (Colby McLaurin) contemplates a return to Sicilia as King Polixenes (Roger Chen) tries to restrain him. (Source: Baker College Archives)
Sings psalms to hornpipes IV.iii: Autolycus (Paul Tevis) tries desperately to attract the attention of the oblivious Clown (Vijay Iyer). (Source: Baker College Archives).
Perdita and Florizel IV.iv: Our first sight of sixteen-year-old Perdita (Laura Duke) and her suitor Prince Florizel (Jeff Hernandez). (Source: Baker College Archives)
Rustics and Schticks IV.iv: Most of our rustics with their favorite bits of schtick and sideplay. (Source: Baker College Archives)
Come, take your flowers IV.iv: Perdita's (Laura Duke, in green) "Come, take your flowers" triggers a melee among some guests, particularly between acquisitive Mopsa (Sasha Vaikhman, in blue) and milder Dorcas (Amber Naresh, in pink). (Source: Baker College Archives)
Dance Ends IV.iv: The dance ends, again with Mopsa and Dorcas in conflict, this time over the favors of the Clown (Vijay Iyer). Ever-speedy quick-change artist Zane Rockenbaugh blurs past as the Servant, right. (Source: Baker College Archives)
Singing Pains IV.iv: Mopsa's (Sasha Vaikhman) singing proves so painful (see the misery expressed behind her), that Dorcas (Amber Naresh) discovers she has a chance after all with the Clown (Vijay Iyer). (Source: Baker College Archives)
Let Him Know of It IV.iv: King Polixenes (Roger Chen), in disguise, tells Prince Florizel (Jeff Hernandez) and Perdita (Laura Duke) of a father's importance at a wedding, as the Old Shepherd (Steven Budd) looks on. (Source: Baker College Archives)
UnderShakeWear IV.iv: Camillo (Colby McLaurin) distracts Perdita (Laura Duke) as, by his command, Autolycus (Paul Tevis) and Florizel (Jeff Hernandez) strip to their character-appropriate skivvies to change clothes. (Source: Baker College Archives)
With flies blown to death IV.iv: "He is to behold him with flies blown to death!" Autolycus (Paul Tevis), in his new clothes, gets the Clown's (Vijay Iyer) attention. (Source: Baker College Archives)
First Sight of Sicily V.i: We return to Sicily after sixteen years, to find Leontes (Peter Rogers) still lost in grief, assisted by Paulina (Natalie Kirilcuk). (Source: Baker College Archives)
Remnants of the Court V.i: Cleomenes (Mike Simon) and Dion (Steven DeGennaro), the remnants of the Sicilian court, try to convince their monarch to re-marry. (Source: Baker College Archives)
I'll Swear V.ii: "I'll swear!" The Clown (Vijay Iyer) explains to the Old Shepherd (Steven Budd) his new grasp of noble courtesy, using Autolycus (Paul Tevis) as a visual aid. (Source: Baker College Archives)
You gods look down V.iii: "You gods look down / and from your sacred vials pour your graces / upon my daughter's head!" Newly restored Hermione (Amy Hassan) meets her newfound daughter Perdita (Laura Duke) as Leontes (Peter Rogers) and Florizel (Jeff Hernandez) look on. (Source: Baker College Archives)

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