ASTR 350 Introduction to Astrophysics

Introduction to Astrophysics - Stars

ASTR 350 (Fall 2019)

The Sun in UV (Fe line emission)     Saturn's rings: Cassini's view       Crab Nebula in optical + X-rays  

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Research Project

The Cosmos

A full description of the course, including a detailed syllabus, assessment, and classroom and grading policies, is provided in the Official Rice Syllabus for ASTR 350, Fall 2019. Students are expected to have read it in its entirety by the end of the first week of classes.

Lectures: Tuesday & Thursday, 10.50am - 12.05pm, in Herman Brown Hall, Room 254.
Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday 2.30pm-4.00pm, and by appointment.
Text: Modern Astrophysics, by Bradley Carroll and Dale Ostlie.

Dr. Matthew G. Baring
Herman Brown Hall, Room 366
Telephone: (713) 348-2983
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