Large-angle keV-energy He-He scattering measurements with use of a correlated two-particle coincidence detector

C. E. Chitnis, R. S. Gao, J. Pinedo, K. A. Smith, and R. F. Stebbings

Phys. Rev. A 37, 687 (1988)

Relative differential cross sections for He-He collisions in the keV-energy range are reported for laboratory scattering angles between 35° and 56°. The experiment utilizes two position-sensitive detectors to detect both collision products in coincidence following the collision. A strong periodic variation in the differential cross section with scattering angle is present whenever the collision partners have identical nuclei and is ascribable to well-known interference effects resulting from the indistinguishability of the collision products. Calculations of these differential cross sections considering only the Coulomb interaction between nuclei of the colliding atoms agree well with the experimental data.