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NSF Info - links to REUs, Grad Research Fellowship info

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Getting Started:
Understanding the Internet: A Guide for Materials Scientists and Engineers, from the publishers of JOM

Corrosion and Finishes
KSC-STD-C-001D: Standard for Protective Coating of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum on Launch Structures, Facilities, and Ground Support Equipment
TM-584C: Corrosion Control and Treatment Manual
CLI International, Inc. Corrosion
Corrosion Coatings & Linings Information Server
UMIST/ICC: Corrosion Information Server
UMN: Corrosion Research Center
Enthone-OMI Inc.: Coatings, Electroplating, Organic Finishes, Chromium, EMI/RFI Shielding
General Magnaplate: Anodizing, Coatings, Electroplating, Finishes, Finishing, Metallizing

Basics of Design Engineering: - From "Machine Design" a very good on-line coverage of Engineering Basics. Covers CAD/CAM, Electrical and Electronic, Fastening and Joining, Fluid Power, Materials, Mechanical Systems and Components, Motion Control
The "Virtual" Engineering Center

Laboratories, Testing and Equipment

Accurate Metallurgical Services
Thyssen Laboratory Services

Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation
Fisher Scientific: Online Catalogs of Chemicals and Lab Equipment. Also offers Web Based Ordering Capability
ASM Testing Buyers Guide

Materials Specific Links (Metals)

Aluminum Alloys
Reynolds Metals Company
The Aluminium Industry WWW Server

Copper Alloys
The Copper Page

Titanium Alloys
Intemational Titanium Association
Titanium Industries, Technology Reference Manual

Materials Specific Links (Non-Metals)

Composite Materials Handbook

Materials Science

A Taxonomy of Materials - Home Pages of Engineering Materials Used in the Taxonomy of Materials; Source: Louis L. Bucciarelli and Mohammad Imran Syed, MIT
Martensite: A Short History
MATERIALS: Chapters on General Materials Info Source: Publishers of the Machine Design Magazine
Materials Science and Engineering in the 1990s - online book, caution, very large file
Science Hypermedia, Inc. - very good source for Analytical Chemistry Information and Basics on Numerous Types of Instrumentation used in Analytical Techniques.
Short Materials Introduction, Source: MIT
Visualizations in Materials Science - This is a Multimedia presentation of basic Materials Science.

Elements and Crystallography

Crystallographic Data
Web Elements - links to crystallographic data

Periodic Tables
Chemical Science and Technology Division., Los Alamos National Laboratory
Web-Elements University of Sheffield, England

Links To Periodic Table Services
Los Alamos National Laboratory- Contains links to alternate Periodic Table services.
Sheffield ChemDex: Periodic Tables - Contains a list of Chemistry Internet Sites.

Phase Diagrams
Binary and Ternary Phase Diagrams "On-line"

Dictionary of Metal Terminology
Guide to Microscopy and Microanalysis on the Internet
Structure Magazine"
NCEM - National Center for Electron Microscopy - Part of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Standard Terminology of Microscopy
The Image Archive at MSE, Source: Dept. Mat. Science & Engr., Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden (On-line Microstructure Atlas)

Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery
Petrography and Petrology - Contains a good description of the basics of material phases. This link appears to be part of a lecture series, it may not be permanent.

Physical Constants and Units
NIST - Chemistry WebBook - Check this Link for a view of the contents of the NIST - WebBook.
Fundamental Physical Constants: From NIST
NIST - Physical Reference Data
Weights and Measures: From Southwest Texas University


Gear Technology
Gear Industry Home Page
Gear Technology
INFAC - The Instrumented Factory for Gears

Metal Machining & Fabrication
National Center for Excellence in Metalworking Technology (NCEMT) Information Server

Shot Peening

Superplastic Forming
SPF at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Superplasticity on the Web

Thermal Spray
Thermal Spray Technology Glossary

KSC-SPEC-Z0020: Specification for Welding of Aerospace Ground Support Equipment and Related Facilities
Edison Welding Institute
The Navy Joining Center


M & P Documents from NASA/KSC"s Material Science Division

Sources for Materials Information
Aluminium Industry World Wide Web Server
ACerS - The American Ceramic Society Home Page
AESF - The American Electroplaters and Finishers Society, Inc.
AISC - American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc.
AISI - American Iron and Steel Institute
AME - Association for Manufacturing Excellence
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
ASNT - American Society for Nondestructive Testing
ASM - ASM International Home Page
ASM International links to Materials Science and Engineering
ASME - American Society for Mechanical Engineers
ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials
AWS - American Welding Society Home Page
CISA -Casting Industry Suppliers Online
FHWA: Corrosion Engineering
Historical Metallurgy Society WWW Page
IUMRS - International Union of Materials Research Societies
ISO Online
ISS - The Iron and Steel Society
Machine Design On-Line Home Page
Metalmart Incorporated
MicroWorld Resources and News: A Guide to Microscopy and Microanalysis on the Internet
MRS - Materials Research Society
MSA - Microscopy Society of America
MTI - Metal Treating, Online
NACE: National Association of Corrosion Engineers International
NCMS - National Center for Manufacturing Sciences
NJC - The Navy Joining Center
NRL: Marine Corrosion Test Facility
NSSN - National Standards System Network (Under Development by ANSI)
PMA - Precision Metalforming Association
SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers Home Page
SME - Society of Manufacturing Engineers
SME - The Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc.
SSPC: Steel Structures Painting Council Online
Struers Metallography
TMS - The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society
TSS-ASM Thermal Spray Society

AMML - Advanced Mechanics and Materials Lab
CESE: Corrosion Prevention, Failure Analysis, and Materials Selection
Drexel University Department of Materials Engineering
Materials in Academia - Source: Drexel University
Materials Science and Engineering, University of Washington
Michigan Technology University
SBU: Materials Science Home Page
The Pennsylvania State University - The Applied Research Laboratory

Ames Laboratory
BMPCOE - Best Manufacturing Practices Center of Excellence
U.S. Department of Energy
ManTech - Manufacturing Technology Program
MTTC - Manufacturing Technology Transfer Center
NASA Information Services via World Wide Web
NASAs Materials Science Division at KSC
NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS), v 2.0
NCEMT - National Center for Excellence in Metalworking Technology
NRL - Naval Research Laboratory
NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology
NIST - Physics Laboratory
U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratories and Programs

WWW Sites and Indexes of Materials Sources
ASM International Links to Materials Science and Engineering Sites - Contains links to other professional organizations, educational sites, commercial sites, network sites, search engines, and other resources
ASM International Materials Producers Directory
Materials Engineering Links from Drexel University - Contains Links to universities over the world, materials in academia, materials in industry, materials in government

Database Search Sites for Materials Information
Boeing InfoPlus - The Dobis Replacement is finally here.
Boeing Reference Desk:: Contains links to a number of possible sources of materials information.
Galaxy - Index on Materials
Engineering Index on the Web, Path to Compendex database which Boeing has subscribed.
KR Science Base
NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS), v 2.0
Solutions Now Database of unbundled technologies.
SRI International
Yahoo Materials Science Searchable Index

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